Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Hypertension and salt intake: What if We’re Wrong all the way?

Greetings steemians and science lovers! Today we’re going to talk about the number one cardiovascular disease in the world responsible for over 7 million deaths/year and the cause of many diseases: Hypertension.In the last years, it has been a significant increase in persons who suffer from hypertension mainly because of the ever-increasing obesity associated with low lifestyles and unhealthy diets.We’ve associated hypertension with high sodium intake for decades, but what if we were wrong? Let’s find out together.

How Regular Exercising Is Shaping Your Body, According To Science

We all heard countless times about the benefits of exercising and experienced it at a certain time, so it’s pointless to repeat it over and over, it won’t have that good of an impact. That’s why today we’re going to discover step by step how your body is changing with regular exercise, you’ll be amazed to see things this time from a different perspective and I’m pretty sure you will be motivated more than ever.

Water Regulation In The Body

Water is the main compound of any living creature on earth, in fact, the total body weight of an adult human is composed of about 60% of water. Two third of the amount is intracellular and only one third is extracellular either in the interstitium or in the blood.In order to fully understand water regulation, we need first to discover water movement in the body.

The Immune System Simplified

A single gram of soil can contain more than a billion microorganisms. microorganisms are everywhere, ready to invade our bodies. Nevertheless, most of us are healthy most of the time. so…Why are we not sick all the time?

The immune system is our defense system against disease, It is made up of a lot of different organs, cells, and proteins and is essential for our survival. The immune system’ s main tasks are neutralizing harmful pathogens and the body’s own particular sick cells (like cancerous cells), it also recognizes and fights harmful substances from the environment.


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